Enable 1.5-meter holidays? Camping Comfort helps!

It seems that holidays are perfectly possible during these times. But: with some adjustments. We are happy to tell you how the Camping Comfort app can contribute to 1.5 meter holidays!

The app as a digital reception

Minimal walk-in at the reception

The app has a messaging service so guests can ask questions quickly and easily. All basic information about the campsite or park is also included in the app, as well as inspiration for activities and outings in the area. An additional advantage: the app makes information folders that need to be cleaned after every stay superfluous.

Reach your guests quickly via push messages

Especially now it is useful to be able to quickly inform guests of important messages. For example if it gets too busy somewhere on the campsite or the park, or if you have changed something. Sending push messages ensures that messages are read by all guests.

Contactless catering and serving orders

Corona proof catering industry

By using the Camping Comfort app, you can contact and serve catering orders without any contact. For example, you can control the crowds when you pick up your meals by notifying the guest in real time and automatically when the meal is ready. You can even deliver the meals to the camping site or accommodation of the guest, if desired. Sandwich orders can also be placed via the app. You will then receive an overview of the total order at the end of each day.

Rental / sale via the app

In the coming period we will add the most requested shops to the app at a rapid pace, such as (bicycle) rental, activity registrations, etc. Do you need a specific shop? Let us know!

14 Days free trial and online within 10 minutes

The app is immediately ready for use and has a simple management system, for which you do not need a course or special knowledge. Are you unable to find a solution? Then we will help you quickly via the chat function. The main part of the app is also automatically filled: think of activities in the area and standard texts about the facilities.

View the demo app

Step 1: Download the Camping Comfort app without obligation in the App Store or Google Play
Step 2: Open the app and scan the QR code

Sander Meems, Vakantiepark Sikkenberg
The app works great for our park! All data is easy to enter and maintain. We hear positive feedback from our guests. The team behind the app does an excellent job, is easy to reach and keeps innovating. They will also continue to think along with you during the corona crisis and adapt the app to current regulations in a short time.
Minicamping de Nesse
Works great! Nice App, useful during holidays to visit events, activities, sights. Rapid developer response to questions or bugs, quick updates thereafter. We are happy with it.
Jeroen Sturrus, holiday park Walsdorf
Where we were surprised at the ease of import during the start-up, we have been surprised in recent weeks by the adjustments in the context of the Corona crisis. The CampingComfort app is therefore an ideal tool to also get through the Corona crisis at our holiday park!
Peter Vlug, Camping Buitenlust
The messaging function is ideal, the guest can immediately contact the correct department. If a guest has a malfunction in a rental accommodation, it does not go through the reception but directly to the field staff. The guest is then helped earlier, which gives a good feeling.

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